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Music Equipment
Music Production & Recording
Sheet Music and Guitar
 Songwriting Mentoring

With over two decades of music recording, arranging and production experience I can help you produce your songs to include  the magic and texture of your unique style. Together, we will work to create your signature sound.

Having written over three hundreds songs of multiple genres, I can support you in writing lyrics, composition, arranging music, prodigy and fine tuning your musical skills.

 Guitar Lessons &  Recording Software Instruction

Guitar Lessons, Vocal Coaching  & Recording Software Instruction or Production

Guitar Lessons:  With decades of experience, I can bring your guitar playing ability up a whole new level. From beginners, to experienced players, I work intimately with you and your style to help you evolve musically.

Vocal Instruction:  Everyone should sing, but everyone is not necessarily prepared to perform live. Build confidence, learn ear training, breath control and how to use your voice as an instrument.

Recording and Software Instruction and Production:

If you are detailed-oriented and want to learn the art of recording, I can teach you how to produce your music on Garage Band or Logic Pro.

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