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Wood Violin

About Debra Farris

Musician  Composer  Songwriter  Producer  Teacher

After nearly 3 decades splitting her time between pouring her heart out onstage and writing, Singer/Songwriter Debra Farris turns out
a plethora of music. Debra’s extraordinary diversity and prolific ability to write in multiple genres makes her an asset to the songwriter’s pool.

Debra’s musical contribution is making a meaningful difference in the world of music. Whether it’s Blues, Folk, Country, Pop,
Electronica, Reggae, Ballads, Children’s songs, Jazz or an instrumental chase scene, Debra’s originals are compelling.  Take a listen on Soundcloud , and feel the difference.

Music Composition

Debra is a long time an ASCAP  member . Debra has been composing commercial music for Radio, TV and Film since 2006. She has numerous publishing deals, and has recent placements on E-news, VH1 Reality TV, Documentary films, and more. Debra also does artist development, working with new artists nationwide to hone in their craft; writing music with them, recording and producing them, and helping them get their music out into the world.

Quite a music and sound magician, she is now commissioning custom branded songs for companies, songs for weddings, birthdays, and special events. She is offering keynote concerts at corporations, doing voiceovers, and using sound in her healing practice as well. Debra would be happy to have you contact her and inquire about her services. Feel free reach out to her for your custom musical needs.

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